Ghost in The Shell du Coeur des Ténèbres

Vice French ChampionRecommandé 4 points CCCE


1st Very Promising Puppy Breed Speciality Metz 2011
3rd EXC Young Class French Speciality Bourges 2012
1st EXC CACS CACIB Breed Speciality Macon 2012
2nd EXC RCACS International Dog Show Pontoise 2012
1st EXC CACS Breed Speciality Nantes 2012
1st EXC CACS CACIB International Dog Show Troyes 2013
1st EXC CACS CACIB International Dog Show Gerona Spain 2013

 EXC Championnat de France 2013 Marseille

2nd EXC RCAC International Dog Show del Canavese Ivréa Italie
2nd EXC National Spéciality  Bourges 2014

3 rd EXC Championnat de France 2014 Angers

2nd EXC/RCACS National Spéciality Bourges 2015

3rd EXC Championnat de France Dijon 2015

4° EXC Championnat de France Metz 2016


PLL A clear and PRA-prcd clear by parentage

ADN Certificate

Patella clear